Building Analysis
Comparative analysis of the lease package and building efficiency studies. Determining building suitability to meet basic parameters by architecture, orientation and spatial ambience.
Feasibility Studies
Quickly defining and assessing functional requirements on CADD generated plans, we explore the spatial and aesthetic possibilities of prospective spaces.
Strategic Workplace Analysis
In-depth analysis and practical solutions responding to the dynamics of organizational change in the evolving workplace. Integrating the workplace with the people and the work of the organization.
Furniture Programmes
A comprehensive program to inventory furniture, provide comparative analyses, develop furniture budgets, standards programs and furniture specifications. Awareness of trends in furniture, finishes and fixtures and the integration of ergonomics and technology.
Space Planning
Stacking plans and block plans to identify the spatial requirements. Programming with existing or development of new space and furniture standards. Detailed furniture and fixture layouts.
Conceptual Design
Talent and experience combine to create the appropriate aesthetic image to express your corporate culture. Custom elements are created to complement the functional requirements i.e. feature walls, staircases, light fixtures, hardware etc
Working Drawings
Plans detailing the information required for construction and specification of approved layouts, materials and equipment. As accuracy and efficiency are critical, CADD is fully integrated in the production of these documents.
Project Management
Managing and monitoring the implementation of the project from the design and construction processes through to furniture installation with emphasis on detailed documentation to record and control this process.
Relocation Managment
Supervising the physical move through co-ordination of staff, furniture and equipment, to minimize the effect on normal productivity. Reporting on the success of the design solution. Supporting facilities management with continuing services as design consultants.
Facilities Management
Providing a critical contribution toward managing one of the largest assets of the corporation and often the greatest portion of the operating budget. Managing the impact that emerging technologies have on the workplace